Thursday, October 4, 2012

We made it!

At last - a few days at Bobo Creek. We took two daughters and two dogs and did a bit of work - a new garden along the front edge of the deck so we can grow vines and shrubs around the underneath of the cottage.
We played lots of rounds of Five Hundred, ate well and slept deep. The creek was cold and fairly low as there has been way below average rainfall for the past few months. The orchard is struggling in our absence, but hanging in.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another wee visit

A bit remiss of me, but these flying visits are pretty much the same. Not long enough to really achieve anything. But so essential to our wellbeing and our connection to Bobo Creek.
rainforest fruit by the creek


i oiled the floor of the cabin down by the creek

i sat here to paint...

yep, the view is just how we remembered it
We get to sit on the deck a lot and admire the view. We get to sleep in as long as we jolly-well choose, without having to make school lunches. We get to play our own music until late at night. I get to do a bit of water-colour painting down by the creek. We get to check the trees and the creek and the state of the dam and so on. Ahhh! Heaven.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Big winds at Bobo Creek

some trees blew down at bobo creek
If a tree falls in the bush and we aren't there... In fact many trees fell in the bush in our absence. There have been some big storms during our unusual January and February - not much summer to speak of - and some big winds hit our neighbourhood. Driving into Hillville for a brief visit we started to notice cleared areas and lots of chopped up wood. As we got closer we realised a lot of big trees had come down in the area. Although a lot of the fallen trees were on our neighbour's land they have fallen into our and across our fence, wiping out a fair bit of our hard work two years ago. We'll have to get the chainsaw fixed or replaced and cut them off and trimmed up and dragged somewhere to be stored for future use.

These slender trees fell and perfectly slotted between their companions:
fallen trees

some trees blew down at bobo creek
The creek is in good nick although a fair few spotted gums have fallen at the western end. It must have been a scary sound.
The cottage fared well and glad to say all the orchard trees look good. The tank is full and the herbs thriving around it - so is the passionfruit vine.
We continued trying to rat-proof the cottage. They don't eat bait (which we are relieved to find out) as they are bush-rats, avoid traps and are only momentarily perturbed by Pete banging with a broom on the ceiling. They seem to not like camphor and peppermint oil and we will bring as much snake pooh as Olympia's snake can manage, to smear around the place. That sounds the best suggestion so far.

It was hot and sticky and we got a few more trees in - this time black wattles which will grow quickly and fill some of the gaps behind the cottage.
morning cuppa

The best bit was wading downstream in our gumboots to look at the creek. There are some pretty deep holes and the water is lovely.
bobo creek

I got a beanie crocheted on the journey up:
new beanie. car journey crochet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When will we see you?

Our lovely property just goes on existing all by itself. Even when we aren't there!
We have heard that Bobo Creek has flooded a few times recently with all the rain, so we are anxious to see how everything is faring.
We may get up next week. Here's hoping.
And we'll take some plants up to put in. For my birthday I got a lovely pair of kiwi fruit plants, and a persimmon tree.
Here's a picture just to remember that place...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We had a bit longer at Bobo Creek this time. Necessary to recover from our first fritter festival (alliterative, I know) at Peats Ridge. We've been cooking our famous corn fritters at local markets for about 9 months now and felt it was time to try a larger crowd. We spent the weeks leading up to the festival making huge batches of our Chilli Jam and Roast Capsicum Relish and ordering eggs and yoghurt and corn and all the ingredients for our gluten-free flour mix....

Well, large it was and work we did and sleep we did not. But, apart from a steep learning curve which will hopefully form a useful trajectory, we had a great time. And our fritters were really popular. We made paletas too (basically delicious fruity and creamy popsicles) and they were such a hit. In fact we couldn't keep up with the demand.

So, Pete and I needed to chill out at the property for a day or two before we got stuck into some real work.

Here are the two dogs exploring by the creek:
two dogs

We insulated and lined the ceiling of the 3m deck with heavy duty metal-backed insulation foam and really nice dark recycled timber panels. A little bodgy as the joists were a bit curved, but it looks great.
wooden panels to line the ceiling of the deck

Then we used dacron-filled cargo blankets to insulated the ceiling. It sounded easy - staple gun the fabric to the trusses and hold it all in place with strips of wood. But...Pete had really sore arms at the end and I blunted so many blades trying to cut through the dacron.
the ceiling lined with dacron-filled cargo blankets

You can see our new solar light set hanging in place. Excellent thing with a little cell and battery that will charge mobile phones and Kindles.
The next day found time to cut up more of the heavy-duty insulation and line each recess of the stud walls at either end (East and West facing). It meant measuring every panel and cutting accordingly with Pete wielding the gun and me the knife (typical isn't it) .
sweet little cottage

Saturday, November 12, 2011

some painting from our trips to bobo creek recently

I struggle with watercolour - but at least I persist with it. Wish for more time and courage with the medium!
Here is a little study of the view from our deck to the East:
small watercolour
And down by the creek. Beautiful grey-black smooth rocks in the shade:
bobo creek rocks in ink with wash
A quick sketch looking West from the deck:
the view from the deck - west
Trees down by the creek:
bobo creek watercolour and black ink

Monday, October 10, 2011

sporadic work on the property

problem being we only get up there every five or six weeks! and only between markets on the weekends. but better than not at all...
this time was school holidays and springtime - although it felt more like winter. again, the area has received much rainfall and it was even muddier than before. we were glad we'd dug little gutters across the road and pathways to divert a bit of the water.

the good news was two-fold: the newly installed watertank next to the cottage was more than half full, and that's with only one gutter installed. second, was that the citrus orchard area we trialled with a dozen or so plants on the slope below to the east of the cottage seems to be a good spot. the trees have really come on well, with blossoms on the limes and lemons.
citrus orchard with scout

bad and good news was that somehow cattle are on the property again and trampling all over stuff and compacting the soft earth with their wretched hoofs! BUT they do massive and luscious poohs everywhere. so i gathered heaps and worked them into the garden around the watertank.

the pooh came in handy for planting the 20 grevillea and callistemon plants we took up. they (the plants that it) are on the hillside above the cottage.

With help from josh we managed to drain the shed tank down in the bottom paddock, tip the tank over and rebuild the sagging tank stand. the whole thing was looking so precarious and we were worried it might collapse. so now it is really strong and will last for years.
rebuilding the old tank stand
rebuilding the old tank stand
rebuilding the old tank stand

and our neighbour keith came over with his chainsaw, expertise, entertaining stories and an esky of beer to cut the tree down that was directly in front of the cottage. we were sad to see it come down, but knew it was inevitable. keith first got pete up the tree to loop a sturdy rope about the upper trunk. this was attached to our tractor. pete idled the tractor and i waited for keith's signal.
simmo's chainsaw
pete up the tree
tractor attaching to the rope to the tree

a diagonal cut first and then a straight cut below it to form a wedge, and then from the other side a horizontal cut in. pete moved the tractor to gently pull the tree in the right direction and it gracefully toppled. the wedge itself formed a hinge. it didn't take long at all and now the view from the deck is even better.
the tree is down
the fallen tree
the new view

so that was about it. not much music. no painting. a bit of reading. the usual amount of eating.

and here are a few random pics:
moss on a rock
moss on a rock

more rocks
the path to the riverbend

creepers on a tree by the creek
creepers on the tree

the bottom paddock
the bottom paddock

the raging creek
bobo creek